A unique and diverse group of women decided that it's time. It's time to recognize there are issues and time to offer remedies. Time to encourage those who are already achieving, while mentoring those on the bottom rung. Time to offer solutions and encourage creativity, and time to applaud leadership, recognize that everything comes back to good health, instruct political activism and ensure that every woman has her own purse.

The Metro Women's Leadership Summit has been created to fill a void and do so in an atmosphere of support and guidance. Instructive breakout sessions will be enhanced by the quality of the network providing them. Women who have been instrumental in moving the dial will be sharing their information and experience with those who are excited to learn. Networking will happen, and connections will be made. With a full day of nearly unlimited exposure to women leaders and experts in their field, most will find it difficult to choose a path; so much to know, and so little time.

The Summit is the first step toward an annual event that will grow over time to provide the once-a-year refresher we all need. Fueled by a diverse committee comprised of women business leaders, excellence is assumed. The Summit is the missing piece of the puzzle and the source of information that will change career trajectories. Specific sessions offer instruction on climbing the ladder of success within finance, healthcare, leadership and political activism. It's time. Join us!