Metro Women's Leadership Summit


The Metro Women's Leadership Summit is committed to celebrate our diversity, teaching us how to unify our message and empower all that attends. This full-day program will enlighten you on the most current challenges we face as women, highlighting real solutions to put into action steps.

Our format includes keynote speakers who have been instrumental in moving the dial. Our breakout sessions will feature individuals that have broken ground and are recognized in their respective fields. Each of our featured speakers will unselfishly share their real experiences and know how on achieving great success in both your professional and personal lives. Finally, our open networking/meal functions will allow each attendee to mingle and learn from a broad group of experts that we feature each year.

About Travel Media Showcase

In 1994 Joanne Vero gave birth to her son prematurely which caused him to have many complications. Joanne had no choice but to leave her full-time position to take care of him. Since her household depended on two incomes, she was faced with the challenge of what to do to earn money. With her husband's encouragement she decided to open her own company, J. Vero & Associates, Inc. (JVA). Her hope was that the clients that she had developed such amazing relationships with might be willing to support her new venture. Twenty five years later she can say, yes, they did!

JVA produces Travel Media Showcase (TMS), a travel and tourism conference that brings together a broad spectrum of travel media experts with destinations, attractions and hotel brands. In 2012, JVA launched TMS Family Travel Conferences and Summits that are designed to highlight family-friendly destinations and brands. Her relationships with the diverse media outlets that have attended TMS events has resulted in thousands and thousands of stories which have appeared in magazines, newspapers, as well as countless blogs that have been posted.

In 2018, Joanne launched TMS Presents, a new opportunity for others to utilize the expertise of the TMS production team for their events. The first conference that TMS presented was Hip Homeschool Moms in Niagara Falls. TMS presents is proud to now be the producer of the Metro Women's Leadership Summit.

This is your time to join us, listen, learn and leave with a new approach to succeed in everything you set your mind to!

Joanne Vero
Joanne Vero
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Mary Baker
Mary Baker