Metro Women's Leadership Summit


The Metro Women's Leadership Summit will be held at the Newark International Airport Marriott (1 Hotel Road, Newark, NJ 07114) on June 7, 2019, and is expected to welcome 700+ participants.

Welcome "Get What You Came For"
Opening Session with Joanne Vero, Producer
Morning Keynote	by Ilyasah Shabazz	Daughter of Malcom X, Professor & Author
Morning Keynote by Ilyasah Shabazz Daughter of Malcom X, Professor & Author
Breakout #1
Workshop #1: Partners and Pathways to Entrepreneurial Success

This program consists of entrepreneurial experts from private industry and government services. Participants should expect to gather knowledge regarding the economic partners that support business enterprise. There are resources including training, counseling, legal assistance and financial capital available to assist small, female and minority owned businesses to grow. Many pathways to accessing assistance needed to start or grow business in New Jersey will be discussed. Ms. Priti Pandya-Patel is a seasoned entrepreneur in the field of healthcare. Ms. Elayne P. McClaine is one of the New Jersey Small Business Development Center Directors. Ms. Elizabeth Manzo is an attorney specializing in entrepreneurship issues. Women in business will be directed to the best approach to seek growth and profitability in their business pursuits.

Workshop #2: The LGBTree: Weaving Family, Work, and Personal Life Into Success

In her presentation about issues facing LGBT people at home, in the workforce, and throughout their communities, Dr. Nancy Mezey weaves together her personal experiences coming out, raising children with two moms, and researching LGBT families. Her story connects issues of race, class, gender, and sexual privilege and disadvantage, explaining how she has come to serve as a college professor and executive college administrator, as well as the president of a national professional organization.

Workshop #3: Stigma, Opioid Addiction and MAT - What Is Out There Treatment-wise

There is ongoing stigma surrounding addiction despite the media normalization of the opioid crisis. How does that effect how addiction is perceived. Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) what is it and why is it important now. Also we will discuss the different levels of treatment available locally and across the country.

Workshop #4: The Time For Women In Politics Is Now! Are You Ready To Run?

Join the discussion among two state legislators and the Associate Director of CAWP.

Breakout #2
Workshop #5: Women in STEM

AT&T executives, Alicia Abella and Sihem Ben Saad, will share their personal STEM career journey. This will include the educational requirements, leadership qualities and overall challenges & benefits of a STEM career. They will also share what they believe are emerging technology areas for the future and look for active participation from the audience thru Q&A. You will not want to miss this interactive session.

Workshop #6: Sleep Matters In the Pursuit of your Dreams!

Dr. Carol Ash explores the proven link between success and the amount of quality of sleep that one gets. Dr. Ash will help provide tips and ways to get to sleep, dream and which ultimately allows you to succeed.

Workshop #7: Giving Is So Much More Rewarding Than Receiving!

Manya and Alyssa will share how they have discovered how rewarding giving back can be!

Workshop #8: I Know You Don't Want To Think About This But...

The biggest hurdle standing in the way of the women on the move for a successful retirement strategy is: uncertainty. Kate will walk you thru some strategies to build confidence, navigating social security, lock in lifetime income, considering spousal benefits or benefits from surviving spouse, affording health care and long term care costs and much more. Kate has guaranteed income sources with long-term care focus on life insurance solutions.

Breakout #3
Workshop #9: Managing, Mentoring, and Mindfulness in Today's Workforce

Managing today's workforce can be challenging, given the ever-changing laws at the federal, state, and local levels in the areas of employment discrimination, workplace harassment, wage and hour, family and medical leave, traditional labor, non-compete agreements, and health and safety, just to name a few. Today we will share an overview on how to find best practices.

Workshop #10: Wonder Woman Needs To Wander Also! Why Travel Is So Important For Females

As women, we carry guilt for taking time out for ourselves. Here we will learn how traveling with your BFFs not only restores your positive energy, it actually improves your health! Beaches BFF Girls Getaway events are hosted twice a year at Beaches Turks & Caicos.

Workshop #11: Introspection, Confidence, & Unpretentious Self-Advocacy

Do you have a personal brand? How prepared are you for that next move? Do you have your own personal Board of Directors to help you get there? Can you really have it all? These are just a sampling of what will be discussed during the fireside chat with Ella Blue, PMP, PgMP, CSM of Johnson & Johnson and Alison Banks-Moore, Chief Diversity Officer from Horizon-BCBSNJ. Want to learn more? Come join us and be a part of the conversation.

Workshop #12: The Treatment of Eating Disorders Throughout The Life Span

We will share the latest resources of The Pediatric Eating Disorders Center at Atlantic Health System at Overlook Medical Center in Summit, NJ, as well as feature The Renfrew Center, the country's first residential eating disorder treatment facility, treating more than 75,000 women since 1985.

Breakout #4
Workshop #13: Believe In Your Personal Power!

Every individual has unique and untapped power to impact the world. How do we harness that power so we can achieve our dreams? What holds us back from capitalizing on our potential and achieving our goals? In this workshop we will examine self-limiting beliefs that prevent us from realizing our capabilities, and understand the role our comfort zone plays in reinforcing those beliefs. We will explore how to leverage our strengths, tap into our motivation, and create a positive vision for our future. You have gotten this far. You have big goals. Now take command and watch the effects ripple out. Attend this workshop to start cultivating a positive mindset to see the possibilities and opportunities around you. When you change the way you see yourselves, it changes how others see you and that changes the impact you can have on the world. When we believe in our personal power, anything is possible!

Workshop #14: Is Your Financial House In Order... YES It Can Be!

This seminar discusses financial situations and talks about key tools like budgeting and debt management, ways the audience can protect their assets, prepare for retirement and create a financial legacy for their loved ones.

Workshop #15: Tee Up Your Leadership!

Ladies: Learn WHY golf is the best career insurance policy... and exactly HOW to rock your leadership using the secrets that men have known for decades!

Tired of getting left behind while your colleagues (or competitors) are out bonding for hours on the golf course? Tee Up Your Leadership With Golf is a bold presentation that shatters the "grass ceiling". Pat Roque, creator of the Rock Your Golf 90-Day Success System, serves as a catalyst to empower women in leadership roles by developing networking skills on and off the golf course.

Closing Session with Joanne Vero, Producer