Metro Women's Leadership Summit

Dallitza Perez

Instagram Influencer

Dallitza Perez

My name is Dallitza Perez. I am Puerto Rican and speak both English and Spanish. I have a bachelor's degree in marketing but love to spend my time expanding my knowledge on health and fitness. I am very goal oriented and believe that in life we must work hard to get the things we want. I believe in always putting God and family first. I love to work out and take care of myself, not just physically but also mentally and spiritually. I am a total girly girl, being a women is such a beautiful gift and I love embracing it. If I could, I would wear heels everywhere I go. I have a weakness for pizza and junk food (especially donuts and cake). I love to dance, spend time with my close family and friends, and read. My goal in life is to inspire others to follow their dreams and to believe in the magic of faith and hard work. The greatest gift in life for me has been the love we give to others and the love that we receive. Love lights my path in this journey of life and inspires me each and everyday.

Breakout Session

June 7, 10:15am-11:25am
When I Owned My Name, I Owned My Destiny, NOW Is Your Time!