Metro Women's Leadership Summit

Anita Zinsmeister

President, Dale Carnegie Training of Central and Southern New Jersey

Anita Zinsmeister

Anita Zinsmeister is President of the Dale Carnegie Training of Central and Southern New Jersey. She has 30+ years sales and management experience in the hospitality, healthcare and training field, 28+ years' experience as a multi-course certified Senior Trainer and Executive Coach, and is a noted keynote speaker.

Breakout Session

June 7, 4:15pm-5:15pm
Believe In Your Personal Power!

Every individual has unique and untapped power to impact the world. How do we harness that power so we can achieve our dreams? What holds us back from capitalizing on our potential and achieving our goals? In this workshop we will examine self-limiting beliefs that prevent us from realizing our capabilities, and understand the role our comfort zone plays in reinforcing those beliefs. We will explore how to leverage our strengths, tap into our motivation, and create a positive vision for our future. You have gotten this far. You have big goals. Now take command and watch the effects ripple out. Attend this workshop to start cultivating a positive mindset to see the possibilities and opportunities around you. When you change the way you see yourselves, it changes how others see you and that changes the impact you can have on the world. When we believe in our personal power, anything is possible!