Metro Women's Leadership Summit

Pat Roque

Business Boomers/Rock On Success

Pat Roque

Pat Roque is a sought-after speaker, author and success coach who celebrated the 31st anniversary of her company, Business Boomers, Inc. Raving fans and media alike lovingly refer to Pat as the "Tony Robbins of the golf world" for her inspirational (yet action-taking) approach to rocking relationships and forging lifelong connections that impact lives around the globe.

Always evolving, her program leverages your strengths (why you ROCK) to tackle the evolving challenges of work/life integration and their impact on employee engagement. For three decades, Pat has presented, coached, and trained for entities such as KPMG, Konica Minolta, AT&T Bell Labs, Professional Women in Construction, Healthcare Business Women's Association, LPGA, PGA Tour, Women's Golf Association of NJ, Women in the Golf Industry and the non-profit

She has created a legacy of profound results by empowering women like you to rock their leadership on and off the golf course.

Breakout Session

June 7, 4:15pm-5:15pm
Tee Up Your Leadership!

Ladies: Learn WHY golf is the best career insurance policy... and exactly HOW to rock your leadership using the secrets that men have known for decades!

Tired of getting left behind while your colleagues (or competitors) are out bonding for hours on the golf course? Tee Up Your Leadership With Golf is a bold presentation that shatters the "grass ceiling". Pat Roque, creator of the Rock Your Golf 90-Day Success System, serves as a catalyst to empower women in leadership roles by developing networking skills on and off the golf course.