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Vanessa Coppes

Vanessa Coppes

Vanessa Coppes believes women are multi-faceted. We embrace the outer roles of wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend. And we have inner roles as well-those that need to be honored in order to be authentic, productive and truly happy. We are artists, entrepreneurs, mentors and visionaries.

Here's where it gets challenging... When we ignore our true selves, we experience self-doubt, anxiety and depression.

Like many women, Coppes experienced such moments through struggles with weight, periods of insecurity and postpartum depression. It was the wisdom of her mother and the connection with other strong, beautiful women around her that reminded me of how to best honor and nurture myself back to living a genuine, authentic and happy life.

She dabbled in styling, art and makeup at an early age - creating jewelry and accessories at age 9 and mastering a make-up kit at 12. Coppes went on to study design and education in college. Throughout her life, however, writing has always been her most important outlet to not only internalize lessons, but also to teach and connect with others.

Family, love and an authentic life were the driving tenets of her young life and to this day, these important elements of focus keep her grounded in her own authentic self.

Coppes is a seeker and a student of life, and is committed to sharing and teaching others what she has learned through her experiences.

Her mission is to motivate and inspire women to live the lives they want, while building a fabulous business they love.

Coppes has written two books, "5 Steps to Fabulous: Choices for Living Beautifully, Inside and Out!" and "Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses: A Guide for Solo-Entrepreneurs!" She is also a lifestyle blogger, the Founder of V+Co. Consulting, the Online Marketing manager for BELLA New York and Los Angeles magazines, the co-founder of ETTWomen and the ETTWomen Foundation and HR+Co.

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