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Gov. Christine Todd Whitman

Gov. Christine Todd Whitman

Christine Todd Whitman is the President of The Whitman Strategy Group (WSG), a consulting firm that specializes in energy and environmental issues.

Governor Whitman served in the cabinet of President George W. Bush as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency from January of 2001 until June of 2003. She was the 50th Governor of the State of New Jersey, serving as its first woman governor from 1994 until 2001.

She is the author of a New York Times best seller called "It's My Party Too," which was published in January of 2005 and released in paperback in March 2006. Governor Whitman serves on the Board of Directors of United Technologies Corporation, and she formerly served on the Boards of Texas Instruments Inc. and S.C. Johnson and Son, Inc. She is a member of Terrestrial Energy's International Advisory Board and holds an Executive Masters Professional Director Certification from the American College of Corporate Directors. She is on the Advisory Boards of the Corporate Eco Forum and The Northeast Maglev (TNEM).

Governor Whitman also serves a number of non-profit organizations including as Chairman of the American Security Project and Vice-Chairman of the Trustees of the Eisenhower Fellowships. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Center for Responsible Shale Development and she co-chairs the Joint Ocean Commission Initiative Leadership Council. She serves as an advisor to the Aspen Rodel Fellowship program and on the O'Connor Judicial Selection Advisory Committee at the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System. She is a member of the Senior Advisory Committee of the Institute of Politics at Harvard University and a member of the National Advisory Committees for the Women's Coalition for Common Sense and the Presidential Climate Action Project.

The Political Activism Ladder
New Jersey has experienced one woman Governor in its history, and currently celebrates our fourth female member of Congress since 1925. How do we explain such a dismal performance when it comes to women in government in this highly evolved, educated state? What are the roadblocks, and how do we go around them? Two triumphant women share their stories in this moderated conversation.