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Diane Simovich

Diane Simovich

Diane Simovich is an Author and Founder of BW NICE (Business Women Networking Involving Charity & Education), a unique women's networking organization that provides women at all stages of business and personal life with support, education, and resources. Established in 2009 in central New Jersey, BW NICE currently has chapters in NJ, PA and Ohio and is positioned to expand throughout the country. In addition to monthly networking meetings, each chapter supports a local agency raising awareness and funds in the fight against domestic violence and sexual abuse. Additionally, each chapter provides critical support to women and families in transition through monthly donations as well as an annual gala fundraiser called The Red Shoe™. The Red Shoe™ symbolizes unity, strength, and empowerment and honors the journey of those who have been impacted by domestic violence and sexual abuse. BW NICE was selected as a finalist for the 2012 Leading Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners of New Jersey.

Diane's book, "Towards The Light," is a poignant collaboration of 17 personal stories from women who are survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse. The book personifies the mission of BW NICE and shines a light of hope and healing to those who may be suffering.

Patterned after a successful model she co-founded, launched, and nurtured in California, Diane had a desire to connect with like-minded business women in the community after a number of personal hardships brought her back to her New Jersey roots to be near family.

Diane is a native of Bergen County, New Jersey. She moved to California at age 20 where she began a successful career in corporate sales and management in the health insurance industry. In 2006 Diane moved back to New Jersey and settled in Hunterdon County, reinventing her life at age 50. She currently resides in High Bridge with her adopted son, Nicholas.

Breakout Session

December 31, 6:00pm-6:00pm
The Degrees of Violence Against Women: Fostering a Community of Sisterhood
The current industry standard description for violence against women ranges from employment inequality to murder, and everything between. Learn about the umbrella under which these issues dwell, and explore solutions.